Housing Selection 2014


Around this time of year, we start telling students to apply for housing so they can go through the Housing Selection. But many of you are asking, what is the Housing Selection?

Good question! Housing Selection (or lottery as it is called at some schools) is a time for rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors to pick their housing assignment for the upcoming academic year. Students come to the Coastal Science Center over a span of three days to pick their community, apartment building, and even bedroom!

So what do you need to know about Selection?

  1. The Housing Selection is March 18 – 20.
  2. Students must apply for Fall 2014 housing by 11:59p on March 9 in order to participate in the event.
  3. Students will receive invitations with their scheduled time via their Coastal email. Each student is scheduled based on the time they applied. So those who apply early get first choice!
  4. If students want to come together as a group, they must register their group, but then they are schedule based on the last person who applied. (Ex – if John applied on February 5 at noon, and Mark applies on March 10 at 11pm, both students will be pulled back to Mark’s scheduled appointment.)
  5. Students who are not able to attend at their scheduled time can choose via Housing Selection Proxy Form. This means a family member, friend, roommate, or housing staff member can pick for that student so they do not lose their scheduled appointment.
  6. When students receive their invitation, it will give a specific time of their appointment such as March 20 at 9:40p. Students will not be allowed to enter or receive their ticket until 10 minutes prior to that time. Students who show up 30 minutes early will have to wait until ten minutes before their scheduled appointment time.
  7. Students who do not apply by 11:59p on March 9 or miss their appointment will be able to go to a make up event on April 1 from 9a – 3p. Appointments aren’t scheduled, so housing staff meet with students on a first come, first serve basis. We encourage students to participate in the Housing Selection as waits can be more than an hour on the make up day. (Students must have an active housing application to participate in the make up day.)
  8. Students who do not attend the Housing Selection or make up day will be assigned a space by housing staff based on their preferences.

What communities are available?

  • Piedmont in University Place has single bedrooms in one, two, and four bedroom apartments.
  • Blue Ridge in University Place has single bedrooms in one, two, and four bedroom apartments.
  • Low Country in University Place has double and single bedrooms in three and four bedroom apartments. Each apartment in this community will have a bedroom that two people share.
  • The Gardens are a large one bedroom apartment shared by two students.

For more information about the community types, visit our website!

We hope this helps with many of the questions that may surface! As always, if you have any additional questions, feel free to ask us here, on Facebook, on Twitter, email us, or that “old fashion” way by calling our office!

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