Staying During Breaks

As the holidays approach, the questions about staying during breaks steadily increase. We want to encourage all students to take advantage of this valuable time visiting loved ones, working at home, and just relaxing! That is what we hope for you student, but we understand situations do arise.

Thanksgiving Break: November 17 – 24

Many students leave to spend Thanksgiving Break with family and friends. Because we know it is difficult for some to make those trips, students are not required to leave for Thanksgiving Break. University Housing does have Resident Assistants (RAs) available to respond to emergencies. Shuttle service stops at 1:00pm on Saturday, November 17 and does not resume until 6:00am on Saturday, November 24. The dining halls and C-stores are also closed during this time. We have a very strict ‘no guest’ policy during breaks. Students found with guests will face conduct action, may be asked to leave, and may be prohibited from staying in the residence halls during future breaks.

Please keep in mind, Coastal Carolina University observes November 22 and 23 as official campus holidays, and all campus offices, as well as University Housing, will be closed. Remind your students that just as they are off, some of our staff (both professional and students) also chose to take off the entire week. If your student needs to be in contact with a university department, faculty, or staff member, encourage them to contact them prior to November 16 in order to ensure timely communication.

Winter Break: December 14 – January 12

As a reminder, final exams begin Monday, December 10. Students are expected to check out within 24 hours of their last exam. The residence halls close at noon on Friday, December 14 and reopen to students Saturday, January 12. During this time, students will not have access to their spaces.

  • For students returning to University Housing in the spring, belongings can stay, but all rooms in the suite/apartment must be cleaned before the student checks out with the Resident Assistant (RA). Students are responsible for making appointments with their RA to check out at the end of fall semester even if they are returning. RAs will meet with students to ensure garbage is taken out, appliances are unplugged, windows are locked, etc. We require that students leave their spaces clean in order for our facilities staff to perform routine maintenance work over the break. Students are also required to take their pet fish home because we will not be feeding them, and they will not live six weeks without food.
  • For students not returning to Coastal Carolina University in the spring, requests for releases from housing must be completed and approved prior to December 1, and the student must be entirely moved out by noon on December 14. Students are responsible for making appointments with their RA to check out at the end of fall semester. Please keep in mind, when students don’t properly check out, the fees start to add up!
    • Students who do not return to the university in the spring and do not notify the University Housing office prior to December 16 will be charged $400 for release from their housing agreement.
    • In addition to the $400 release fee, students who do not move out prior to Winter Break will also be charged the daily rate for their space during the spring until they officially check out with an RA.
    • For students who do not check out with an RA, they will be charged an improper move-out fee of $100 in addition to the daily rate and release fee.
    • For students who do not return keys, they will be charged a recore amount up to $500 depending on the room type, the improper check out fee, daily rate, and release fee.
    • As a reminder, the license agreement with University Housing is for an academic year, students who return to the university but not University Housing in the spring, will be responsible for their entire spring charge.

As with Thanksgiving Break, campus offices do close during Winter Break. The University Housing offices will be closed Saturday, December 22 until Wednesday, January 2. If you need to get in touch with anyone in the department, please do so before December 21 as we will not be checking voicemails or emails during that time. Because students do not have access to residence halls during Winter Break, shuttles, dining halls, and C-Stores will be closed.

New enrolled students attending Spring Orientation will be allowed to move into the residence halls on Thursday, January 10. For all other returning students, residence halls open on Saturday, January 12.

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